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Internet colleges are colleges or universities that are online where you could get your degree simply by attending courses over the Internet.  If you've just finished high school, Internet colleges, or, in other words, 'online colleges,' are not your only option; you could simply go to an offline university and attend courses on campus.  After all, you don't have to work from 9 till 5 o'clock.  If, however, you've already been working, then, Internet colleges or universities could be your only, or best, option.  In fact, even if you are not working, in our age and time, Internet colleges are a good option for everyone, especially the types which are fully accredited and have the same degree specifications as offline universities.


Internet colleges could be grouped in two main categories: those that are completely online or Internet based, and those that offer online degrees as well as offline degrees.  Most Internet colleges are of the first type, though quite a lot of them could be grouped in the second category, which is probably where top Internet colleges are, though this, again, depends on the person, college/university, and the specific program you are interested in.  Two examples to such colleges are The University of Liverpool of the UK and the Athabasca University of Canada.  These two Internet colleges are not only fully accredited, but also they have offline, as well as online, degrees and classes.  That is, your online degree will, in most cases, be equal to an on campus degree - though you should contact the specific school before jumping to conclusions since most things in the education field depend on specific programs that are involved. So a certain university's program A could be fully equal to an offline degree whereas program B might not even be accredited.  Similarly, you should also take into account which fields would require an online degree (i.e. a degree over the Internet) and which require an offline (i.e. on-campus) degree. You will notice that, for certain programs or  areas, it might just be enough to get an accredited degree, which you might as well do online, whereas, for others, a degree from a campus university will be required. 


On this site, you can find resources on Internet universities from all over the world: You can start to think, for example, which country you will get your online degree from: USA? UK? Canada? Australia?  Or would you rather get a degree from a county where English is not the native language: China? India? Japan? Germany? Or some other country in Europe or Asia? Or what are the requirements for online degrees invoked by these countries?  Do they require you to attend the Internet college for a specified period of time?  Or could you finish as soon as you could?  What other requirements are there imposed on an Internet college degree?

On our pages, you will learn about the necessary steps to start to thinking about the best Internet college that fits to your needs.  We will periodically publish rankings of Internet colleges and universities on the pages.  So you could learn various online college rankings from different publishers.  Which online university is, for instance, the top ranking when all different rankings are taken into consideration?  Or which Internet college ranks best in one ranking, though it completely bottoms the rankings when another methodology is used.  It is, for this reason, quite important for you to look at the rankings but view them with a grain of salt.  Same things could be stated for specific online degree and certification programs.


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